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System API (0x0000001502660000) - homeshopper - 09-30-2016

I have a minimal(28gb) installation of Windows 10 Professional & want to clone it to 64gb Flash Drive.
Flash drive has MBR with the following partitions:
winToUsb (D) NTFS 60.2g boot partition
* Fat32 100m system partition
Using mode VHDX or VHD, Legacy not available.
Starts to create WinPe then fails with error 'can not run System API (0x0000001502660000)'
I have also disabled the Firewall. Attached is user.log as text file.
I look forward for any help with this problem.

RE: System API (0x0000001502660000) - admin - 09-30-2016

Thank you for the log file. We will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

RE: System API (0x0000001502660000) - admin - 09-30-2016

Sorry, we don't find any thing about 0x0000001502660000.