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Disk Type Cannot be Identified (0x000100380095000) - tass98 - 02-26-2018

im having troubled running wintoHDD and i get the following error message.
im using a MacPro with a VMware Virtual Machine on Windows 10 Pro that was installed using an ISO.
i want to install Windows on a internal HDD because for some reason Bootcamp doesnt restart properly with my CD.
I added the IDE drive to the virtual machine so i can see it and format it in the Virtual Windows 10 part.
The HDD is on SATA and on GPT. it has an EFI partition on MS-DOS FAT32 and a boot partition with 900gb on NTFS.
im getting the above error message and cannot continue. ive also tried to reformat the drive but it didnt help.
any help?

RE: Disk Type Cannot be Identified (0x000100380095000) - admin - 02-27-2018

Please downlaod and try this patch: