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Does not Boot - Peeker - 11-18-2014

ok heres the problem I have used wintousb to install windows 7 64 bit on a PNY 128gb USB 3.0 flash drive. the program does the install fine, very slowly but fine. I have tried using both an ISO and my install disc the problems is the drive wont boot every time I try I get the "Disk read error Press cntl-alt-del" I have formatted the drive to be bootable but every time I use the program it insists on reformatting the drive again and I think its wiping out the boot sector so my basic question is what the heck is going on here? and how do I fix this problem? I just bought this drive specifically for this purpose so I don't want to waste $50.00 so could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here.....

RE: Does not Boot - SteveSi - 11-18-2014

Did you test the drive using FakeFlashTest first?
You can examine the boot sector (0) and the Partition sector (P1) using RMPrepUSB - Drive Info.
Check the partition is Active=Bootable

e.g. Drive Info - 0
Partition 1 SIZE=30567.966MiB Type: 07 NTFS *ACTIVE*
START POS = CYL:0 HD:32 SEC:33 END POS = CYL:1023 HD:254 SEC:63
START (LBA) = 2,048 (00000800) SIZE (LBA) = 62,603,194 (03BB3FBA) [End=62,605,241]