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Can anyone please explain how to create Win to VHD option ?
Anyone ?
Please help ?
Is there anybody out there ?
(04-07-2015, 05:43 PM)usbear Wrote: For some reason trying to create the small fat32 partition together with the ntfs partition, WintoUsb is not recognizing my usb drive anymore.

It only sees it when formatted to ntfs only drive - I had a page from where I created this special setup for use with Win2USB (VHD option), but I lost it Sad

Can Anyone please give me detailed instructions to create this uefi partition ?

Please send the user.log file to me, thanks.
(11-26-2016, 01:05 AM)LevinMark Wrote: Hi,

Is there any solution on this issue? I got the same issue here. Sad
Legacy mode selected and all other options're grayed out. I cant select VHD option.

What I've done so far?
I've done it previously with Kingston Data Traveller 100G3 16GB USB 3.0 perfectly.
WintoUSB created VHD file which worked like a charm for both USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 plugs
But the drive was so so slow for a live Windows installation to work.

Then I tried with Sandisk Extreme 32GB USB 3.0.
During the install drive has got only one partition for both SYSTEM and BOOT partition. (or maybe this is the problem here? I've no idea!)
I got no option but Legacy mode! Legacy mode pre-chosen and other options with text area for Capacity are all grayed out.

Finally windows image installed to the Sandisk Extreme with no error. So far so good!
But, whenever I try it with different PC it gaves me BSODs even with USB2.0 (I know USB3 is problematic)

On the other hand, my slow Kingston Datatraveller (with VHD file) still works perfectly on different PCz.
How does this happen ?

Is there any solution on this issue? Thanks in advance.  Confused

Please tell us which version of Windows you are using to create Windows To Go? Windows 7, 8 or 10? Windows 7 Home/Pro don't support VHD native boot, so you cannot create a VHD-based Windows To Go using Windows 7 Home/Pro.

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