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Event Triggers
Just noticed that after some extensive (powered) testing in this area, Event triggering fails (or stops working in its entirety) when the testing laptop is ON BATTERY and not on AC ADAPTER.

If not by design, maybe this is a bug (it seems to be undocumented in the appropriate manual section).

If by design... can an option CheckBox be made available in the Event Trigger window to control this activity (would like to do "low power" <battery> operations)?

Any help, greatly appreciated...
That's not by design, however the documentation provided by Microsoft doesn't point out the difference between using a battery and an AC adapter, we'll check that.
It's a little more complicated than originally described.  It's not just all trigger events... some of my testing was done between RESTARTs and SHUTDOWN/STARTUPs with LOGON triggers and STARTUP triggers, both failing at the time.

You need to look a li'l deeper.  Once I took FAST STARTUP out of the loop, things changed drastically.  Now STARTUP triggers work both in SHUTDOWN/STARTUP and RESTART.  LOGIN triggers seem to have issues between SHUTDOWN/STARTUP and RESTART... failing when using the RESTART.

Look carefully using the above System controls and all the defined triggers (don't have a lot of time to help at this point)... conditions are really weird.

Since I seem to have complete consistency (on battery) using the STARTUP trigger (rather than LOGON), and FAST STARTUP turned off (don't need it using an SSD for BOOTing), that's the way the System is currently configured.  If you need specific help from me while chasing this down, feel free to ask.
Trying to add some sense to what I'm experiencing, this time I took one machine state (non-FastStartup) and tried to test both powered and battery events, in their list order.  Events SHUTDOWN & STARTUP work as advertised in the powered mode.  Events LOGON & LOGOFF were very sketchy... I only got one LOGON event to work properly (and it happened only on the 2nd attempt of using SHUTDOWN/STARTUP rather than RESTART), the rest failed.

Another thing I saw was that during the testing, after changing the trigger (somewhere between LOGON & LOGOFF trigger testing), the application lost its task it was using to test with... no longer in the app's list.  This happened once yesterday as well... I knew not why and just wrote it off.  All this was happening while trigger testing... no restorations.  A restoration to a snapshot prior to testing did bring back the missing task as expected.

Never got to the non-FastStartup Battery testing at all.  Original plan was to do non-FastStartup AC Power testing, then same with Battery, then change to FastStartup and do both powered and battery testing in that mode.

The Devs really need to checkout the above scenarios in depth.  The above experiences were found on two different laptops (Dell & HP), both using Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC IoT 21H2 OS versions... hardware was Intel i5 (3rd gen), 6gB RAM, 256gB SATA3 SSD. I also use a PIN Logon rather than a PASSWORD (Password is established) if that makes any difference as far as LOGON events are concerned (I don't think it should).

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