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I have tried this very awesome application for making my USB Hard Disk a windows to go.

What I have here is an ASUS notebook with usb ports: "usb 2.0" and "usb 3.0", and Seagate External Hard Disk...Of course for fast usage I've use the "usb 3.0" for running this application with my Seagate to install windows 8.1 pro.

I restart my notebook and boot my Seagate first, It runs fast and awesome. But whenever I try to plug my Seagate to my notebook's usb port which is "usb 2.0", it loads and showing me a sad face and an error: INACCESIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE....And whenever I plug it to the usb 3.0 again, it loads perfect....What that means??? It only allows me to use "usb 3.0".
Theoretically there is no difference.
Please send me more information about this error message, INACCESIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.

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