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USB Flash Drive with GPT partitioning

I need to install Windows on a USB Flash Drive with GPT partitioning as my computer, a late 2013 Mac Pro, doesn’t boot MBR external drives anymore (well, actually it can boot special Apple prepared MBR, as seen with the Flash Drive prepared by the Boot Camp Assistant).

How could I tell to WinToUSB NOT to reformat/change partition type and keep the GPT scheme?

Or maybe someone knowledgeable would like to see the special MBR bootable Flash Drive and try to figure out how to put a WinToUSB prepared install onto?

Thank you!
Sorry, when install to USB falsh drive, WinToUSB will covert the drive to MBR partition layout. Highly recommend using a USB hard drive to do it.
Thank you for your answer,
Is that a definitive behavior or can we expect it to be able to do it in the future?
Using an external hard drive in not an option for the purpose of the Windows application we’re going to have on the Mac Pro.
It’d be really nice if possible to skip the format/conversion thing!

Thank you again

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