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info on Mac FUSE and NTFS-3g mount option
I'm Paolo and I'm a new user here, both of NTFS for Mac and of a Mac book, and an old user of linux, where I was used to tell mount which option to use.
I'd like to know the mount options you passes to Mac Fuse to use with the underlying NTFS-3g module., or do you have some doc for reference?
I can see only this:

paolo@MacBook-Air-di-Concetta ~ % mount                   
/dev/rdisk4s1 on /Volumes/rdisk4s1 (macfuse, local, nodev, nosuid, synchronous)

Thank you very mach for the support and to Hasleo for giving their app for free.

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info on Mac FUSE and NTFS-3g mount option - by paolo - 04-15-2022, 06:50 PM

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