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[RESOLVED] cloning error - Specified disk not found. (0x0005003501220000)
well, please forget about this... I've made it working now.

Obviously the error I have isn't caused by WinToUSB, but because of some options in the BIOS.

In fact I've done more testing : I have completely wiped out my test machine (laptop Lenovo T440p) and re-installed a fresh image of Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise from the original Microsoft DVD.
I then only installed the drivers for the machine. And that's it.
No AV, no other software, no Windows update... no nothing else than the OS itself and the drivers.

I then installed the WinToUSB 2.1 Beta Patch, and tried to clone the OS => I had the same error again.

So I started to look at the BIOS, and I've modified some settings, in regards to BIOS boot (UEFI or Legacy or Both), USB settings, some strange Intel options as well, etc...
I also connected the external HDD onto a USB 2.0 port and not on the USB3.0 port (we never know ?!)

And then I rebooted the machine, I deleted the boot.wim / boot.sdi / user.log
and then I tried the Clone OS option again...

... and then... it's working => in progress = 51% when I wrote these lines.

So in summary, the issue I had was obviously somewhere in the BIOS or on the USB ports, but as I modified too many things at once, I'll now need to restart this again and again, by changing each time only 1 settings.
Therefore I'll be able to identify which one was causing the issue.

It will probably takes me some time, but I promise I'll do it and will update this post as soon as I have identified the root cause.

Best Regards,

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