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Random BSOD and rebooting when shutting down PC
I've found that USB enclosures can be the root of all evil. And this sounds like one "going to sleep" or "spinning down"? Their behavior can be strange depending on type of drive contained, HDD or SSD. And can even make a contained SSD look like a HDD, to Windows 8.1 at least. A couple of ORICO types (2588US3 & 2595US3) have given me much trouble. They may do fine for NAS, but not containing a running OS drive. So far the Tek Republic TUE-300 seems to avoid any disconnect problems, but Windows 8.1 sees a contained SSD as a HDD? Ditto for the USB 2.0 Kingston SNA-DC/U. Other applications like Defraggler can read through the enclosure(s) and see what's inside correctly? There's much about these inexpensive enclosures I don't understand.


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RE: Random BSOD and rebooting when shutting down PC - by des421 - 02-25-2015, 07:34 AM

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