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Random BSOD and rebooting when shutting down PC
(02-25-2015, 11:29 AM)admin Wrote: Does there exist the same problem after installing Windows 8/8.1 to this drive? Please help me to do a test, thanks.

I can't do this test right now since I already put a lot of data on this new installation, it is already too much work just to install this. But there is no need, I already know that the first problem exists in Win8/8.1.

You do remember that before I said I have Win 10 build 9841 with WintoUSB 2.0 beta. I discovered that build of Win 10 is actually a tweaked Win 8.1. I knew it because it says so on some websites I'm downloading softwares from. The new build of 9926 is really Win 10.

The first problem exists in that build too, but I think I got around it by setting "Turn off display" and "Put computer to sleep" to "Never" in the power options, but then my laptop's display would always be on, maybe I should download a screensaver to save the lifetime of my laptop's display.

The second problem is new, it started happening after I upgraded into this new build.

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