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Boot to an external hard drive
Windows 8.1 at least will run as well from USB 3.0 as SATA. Another most interesting fact is, a clone of an SATA installation will also run from USB (much easier than creating a separate Windows-To-Go/WinToUSB installation) with only "2" registry modifications to the USB installation. This is posted here. There's is a catch. I don't know "exactly" why it worked, only the conditions under which it did. Initially, using a copy of a long standing SATA installation the modified clone wouldn't start, with "configuration errors". Just after restoring the SATA installation from a disk image it then did. I.E., one of the many Windows settings/optimization parameters hadn't yet been established when the clone was made by copying the original at that time. I currently have 3 separate installations, the original, a clone of same, and a WinToUSB installation that run on the same hardware. Not wishing to fudge up the clone by updating it from the original and destroying whatever made it work in the first place, unfortunately all three are now updated separately by booting individually. Not the original intention. And causing me to look harder at disk images as installation redundancy. The free AOMEI Backupper can write an image of one of my 33+GB installations over the LAN to NAS in under 8 minutes making this option quite viable.


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