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Grandfather Father Son (GFS) backup
Hello Hasleo Team.
Thank you so much for providing Hasleo Backup Suite for free.
I want to organize backups according to the "Grandfather, Father, Son" scheme: daily Incremental ("Son"), weekly Differential ("Father"), and monthly Full ("Grandfather")
However, I have encountered some difficulties in solving this issue:
1. Such a backup scheme cannot be implemented within a single task
2. I did not find any mention on the Internet or in the help about the possibility of using the program via the Command Lne Interface (CLI) to circumvent the restrictions (which I will write about below)
3. Backups are always created in the directory, which is defined as follows: the parent directory corresponds to the value of the 'Destination' field, and the subdirectory is either not created at all (if you do not change the 'Task name' field), or is created based on the value from the 'Task name' field. However, this approach has a limitation: it is impossible to create backup tasks with the same names, respectively, it is not possible to put backups from different tasks in the same folder. Of course, it is possible to use 'Pre-command' and 'Post-command', but then the following limitation pops up: backups from different tasks do not take into account the status of existing backups in this directory created by other tasks.

I even tried to organize a simpler implementation: I performed a backup copy of my grandfather and father within the same task: Grand(-father). In the scheduler settings, I specified that a copy should be created on Fridays at 13:00, using the differential method by default. And also indicated that no more than 4 backups should be stored. So I expect the 1st backup to be full and the subsequent 3 backups to be differential. Then, the very first backup will be deleted (unless it is prevented by the check mark 'Always retain the first backup', which cannot be disabled) and a full backup will be created on the 5th Friday. Of course, after the backup is complete, I move it to the folder 'B:\System Backups', using 'Post-command'.
Next, I tried to organize a backup of my sons: to do this, I created a separate task 'System Backups' and specified, in the 'Destination' field, the root of the disk 'B:'. In the scheduler settings, I set that a copy should be created from Monday to Thursday at 13:00, using the incremental method by default. And also indicated that you should keep backups for the last 4 days. So, in the 'System Backups' folder at the time of launching the task for organizing backup copies of sons, there was already a full backup created by the 'Grand(-father)' task, but what was my surprise when in the 'B:\System Backups' another full copy has appeared, however, already created by the 'System Backups' task, instead of the expected incremental copy.

Please tell me how you can organize a backup scheme "Grandfather, Father, son": daily incremental ("Son"), weekly differential ("Father") and monthly full ("Grandfather")?
Is there any way to make backups from one task take into account the availability of backups from another task if they are located in the same directory?
To run backup tasks using the CLI (with a choice of the type of copy creation: full, differential or incremental), then all the logic could be transferred to any script I created?

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Grandfather Father Son (GFS) backup - by Dinar - 09-06-2022, 12:55 AM

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