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My first Remarks
(10-26-2022, 11:39 PM)HoMaasSoftTryTwo Wrote: Hello,
I always  want  to explore the mysteries of my jobs Smile  I thought the quantity of the versions is not right. But it might be translation problem. I configured "save only the last 3 backups", but I get 4. Then I noticed the date/Time Problem again. Look at the jobtime1.png . There are 4 Jobs and 3 of them hve the time 14:18:35, 14:18:37, 14:18.39 whis is nonsense to have a Job made in 2 Seconds. In this case a next job was running. As it ended it looks like jobtime2.png now the last three jobs have 15:19.13, 15:19:15 and 15:19:17.  Again a wrong Date/Time. So I can not see when the jobs ended really. 
Greetings Udo Maaß

I'm sorry, in order to be able to check the integrity of the image sequence when checking the backup image files, all backup versions store information for all previous backup versions, even for full backups. For example, the user makes a backup sequence as follows:
V1 Full   or  V1 Full
V2 Full         V2 Incremental
V3 Full         V3 Incremental
V4 Full        V4 Full
V5 Full         V5 Incremental
V6 Full         V6 Incremental

If the information of V1~V3 is not saved in V4, the program will not be able to detect the abnormal loss of V2 and V3. Although the loss of V2 and V3 does not affect the restoration of data from V4 and subsequent backup versions (V5, V6...), but the program needs to report the loss of V2 and V3 to the user when performing image checking. Therefore, when Hasleo Backup Suite merges V2 and V3 in the backup sequence, it will correct the information of the previous versions stored in the subsequent versions, and this causes the modification time of subsequent backup versions to change. Correcting subsequent backup versions usually completes quickly, which is why you see the modification time so close.

The time seen in Explorer is the last modification time of this file and not the real backup time, to see the real backup time of a backup version, you should click on "Version History" in the restore page, as shown in the image below:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=354]

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