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Event Triggers
It's a little more complicated than originally described.  It's not just all trigger events... some of my testing was done between RESTARTs and SHUTDOWN/STARTUPs with LOGON triggers and STARTUP triggers, both failing at the time.

You need to look a li'l deeper.  Once I took FAST STARTUP out of the loop, things changed drastically.  Now STARTUP triggers work both in SHUTDOWN/STARTUP and RESTART.  LOGIN triggers seem to have issues between SHUTDOWN/STARTUP and RESTART... failing when using the RESTART.

Look carefully using the above System controls and all the defined triggers (don't have a lot of time to help at this point)... conditions are really weird.

Since I seem to have complete consistency (on battery) using the STARTUP trigger (rather than LOGON), and FAST STARTUP turned off (don't need it using an SSD for BOOTing), that's the way the System is currently configured.  If you need specific help from me while chasing this down, feel free to ask.

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