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Confused by incremental/differential options
Definitely not within the same Hasleo task/backup chain.  Within any task/chain, you can start with the needed FULL and then add a FULL/DIFF/INC (one type only) at whatever scheduled periodic interval you wish (almost).  Any mix of imaging types within a chain, other than the initial FULL plus your selected follow-on image type is considered a GFS scheduled approach and is not currently supported in any automatic way.  If you use a defined task and manually add FULL/DIFF/INC to that task's chain... it works just fine, so the chain relationships are already in place (DIFFs relying on most recent FULL, INCs relying on most recent INC/DIFF/FULL)... it's just a matter of scheduling and retention issues that need enhancement.

The Devs seem to have plans to "enhance" their future scheduled retention capability... but not at this time, it seems.

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RE: Confused by incremental/differential options - by Froggie - 05-03-2023, 12:35 AM

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