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WinToUSB on Linux
(05-13-2016, 01:31 PM)Koika Wrote: That is why Linux users shouldn't be shallow what! persons. If you made a FAQ outlining the dependencies required for your app then users could, via Wine and Winetricks, install them and your app would work on Linux without you ever having to even try Linux. Your app is most logical solution I have found so far for applications that won't run under Wine.

If your purpose is to be part of the portable apps, that is great and your largest group of users would be Linux users, see above about their low demand on your time by being informed users rather wondering-at-the-magic-coming-from-the-bright-screen What!'ers.


Hi, guy, we've tried it. WinToUSB need to read/write the disk devices (for e.g. \\\\.\\PhysicalDrive0, \\\\.\\PhysicalDrive1) , unfortunately, it seems that these devices do not exist in Wine environment.
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