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Possible to Boot from ExFAT USB Stick?
(11-13-2015, 12:32 AM)hat37 Wrote: Hello,

I want to use the recommende SanDisk Extreme USB stick to run Windows on both PC and Mac, while also using it as a regular USB stick for transferring data. After running the Win2USB software the stick is formatted to a single NTFS partition. This drive will boot Windows 10 perfectly from both Mac and PC but running OS X, I can't access the files on the stick. OS X can't edit NTFS drives by default, but should be able to read these.

Is it possible to use an ExFAT Partition to keep the VHD-File and boot off of it? Or maybe use multiple partitions, where the primary partition (with only a couple of megabytes) has the MBR on it to boot the VHD from the other ExFAT fortmatted partition?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your suggestion. The suggestion has been fed back to my development team and my development team might implement it in the future.
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