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A question and thanks.
First I would like to thank you for this program.I am a multibooter bitten with the Linux bug but also a Windows user and I use two hard drives.When I install a new distro to the boot order sometimes it messes EFI boot order all up. Or I get one that keeps wanting to make itself the default boot or I end up with two EFI entries that both say "ubuntu" for example.I can go in and check the boot path under "edit" and rename it to keep things more organized.Sometimes its like a dog chasing his tail, I go EasyUEFI to bios , looks good, save and exit bios and its wrong again.But, with patience a few moves with easyuefi , disabling or lowering priority of a boot I eventually get the desired boot order.I like to one time boot with F12 since my wife is computer challenged and a dedicated Windows user.I set it as default.EasyUEFI has saved me from starting all over several times.
My Question, every once in a while I get two or three Windows Boot Manager entries when the boot order gets messed up.One of these boot entries if you click on "edit" has optional information listed under the boot path.These usually dissappear if I get the boot order straight but if the Windows Boot Manager entry with the optional entries gets set at the top of the boot order it boots to Linux Mint.I made the mistake recently before I knew better and tried to delete it , either easyuefi got confused because of the common entry name or I deleted the wrong one I dont know. I had to go back to the install disk of Windows 10 and do repair of the EFI partition.What if I just edited the Optional information under the boot path of this rogue Windows Boot Manager if it shows up again would Mint put it back?I have a straight Linux Mint boot EFI path dont need or want this rogue Windows Boot Manager. Weird, how when your really fighting the boot order all these entries show up in EasyUefi until you get the order right and boot a couple times, then they disappear.

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