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Win10 won't boot on newer computers
(05-03-2016, 10:02 PM)admin Wrote: What tools do you use to create the partitions on the USB disk? Windows disk management or other third-party partitioning tool. And we recommend that you create the partitions using Windows Disk Manager.

I used "mini tool partition wizard". I'll explain a little more about the drive. It's a 2TB 2.5" portable drive, currently has a 1.8tb encrypted partition with veracrypt, a 300mb fat 32 partition, and a (now 26gb) ntfs system partition. It's currently formatted as mbr. 

In its current format, it's using the 26gb ntfs partition as the boot and system partition for legacy compatibility. It's type is primary and it's currently the active partition. Does the order of the partitions matter? Just I noticed the veracrypt partition is the 1st one on the drive. 

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