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0x0000007B (FIXED)
what i've found useful -

Stop error code 0x0000007B (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE)

Possible Causes:
1. could be caused by a wrong BIOS setting, may need to be set to AHCI or reverted to ATA/IDE mode,
2. could be it needs the SATA drivers,
3. or it could be a BIOS, or Boot Sector virus (unlikely if it's never been used).
4. it could be a bad digital or power connection to the Hard Drive.
5. Hard Drive may need to be Initiated.

Possible Fixes:
1. As the BIOS Hard Drive settings aren't accessible, set it to default settings or reset it with battery off for 5-10 minutes... this will most likely revert to factory defaults and may recognize any hard drive.
2. To postpone the SATA drivers installation, and if the AHCI-SATA-IDE Hard Drive settings become accessible after a BIOS reset, use the ATA/IDE mode that shouldn't need drivers.
3. Resetting the BIOS with battery removed for some 5-10 minutes should delete any virus.
4. Check the Hard Drive SATA digital and power connections aren't lose, try a different SATA port.
5. If you haven't yet initiated the Hard Drive try formatting and Activating it in another computer...

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