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Win2USB for Win10 upgrades?
(06-24-2016, 05:34 AM)win2usbtest Wrote: Hi all,

as you all know Microsoft free upgrade from Win7 to Win10 ends end of July.
As I have a couple of Win7 Pro machines which are all deployed by an image-base installation tool. Worked fine for Win7, I just had to enter the license key after imaging was done. Smile
Now I am thinking of upgrading these machines to Win10. Unfortunately MS now bundles the Win10 license with the hardware. So the only way to activate the Win10 license from every Win7 PC is to perform the manual upgrade to Win10. Obviously for approx 60 machines this will take ages!  Angry

So I was thinking if it is possible to boot Win10 with Win2USB, register the machine with the assigned Win7 license key and shut it down. If I decide later to use Win10 I can deploy from image and all machines are already registered.

Is this a possible way? And would Win2USB work in this way?

I installed Win2USB on a 128GB USB Flash device based on the Win10 Pro ISO file. It started booting, "preparing" and finally showd up my installed Win7 Pro...
Any ideas?



Sorry, we don't know whether it's possible. May be you can have a try, and you will not lose anything.

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