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USB functionality during WinPE cloning

Not even HP could help me, finding the issue the HP Elitebook doesn't detect my 128 GB USB Sticks.
Today I tried it with a Sandisk 240GB SSD.
This SSD is recognized by my HP Notebook. But after the successful cloning, during the boot a blue screen is showing up.
It's really disappointing, that the clone does not boot from the same Windows I did the clone.
What could that be?
Information. The format process in WintoUSB had both ( system and boot ) partitions the same size and put it lo legacy not VHD.
My USB Sticks were formatted with 100MB system and rest Boot and VHD.
What is the problem?

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RE: USB functionality during WinPE cloning - by Zppianer - 11-13-2016, 02:47 AM

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