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Activation Issue
(10-02-2016, 01:38 AM)TomDelaney Wrote: Thanx - I wondered if there is a Windows 10 version (like Retail). which would stay activated on all computers. I guess there s only Volume License or would using other keys on each computer with the USB stick work (ie 10 licenses for 10 computers)?! Intestingly if I go back to the original engine it says activated (hooked to hardware).

Now then what is the purpose of your work developing such application if it s utterly limited in usage?

Sorry, only Volume License can activat all computers, this is a limitation of Microsoft.
WinToUSB just a tool to help our customers to make a Windows To Go drive easily, we cannot help you to activate Windows, it is not legal. WinToUSB focuses primarily on enterprise users, and free for all non-commercial users, and enterprise users typically have Volume License.
You might think it is useless, but it cost us a lot of time coding and testing, so we love it...

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