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Add another 'ubuntu' entry?
On my PC I have 3 Linux: Kubuntu, Linux Mint and opensuse, and the Bios NVRAM bootmenu shows Windows Boot Manager, ubuntu and opensuse. Kubuntu and Linux Mint both install to the \EFI\ubuntu\ folder, which means I get the bootmenu of the last one installed of the two. I would like to be able to choose either of them, just like I now can choose the opensuse bootmenu.

I copied the \EFI\ubuntu folder and renamed the copy to \EFI\mint, and edited its grub.cfg to show the Mint partition's UUID and gpt-number. Then in EasyUEFI I created a "mint" entry and gave it the path to \EFI\mint\grubx64.efi. When rebooting "mint" does show up in the NVRAM bootmenu, but choosing "mint" starts the Kubuntu bootmenu. Please advise!

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Add another 'ubuntu' entry? - by hallergard - 02-06-2017, 09:31 PM
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