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Cannot connect to wifi
The other day, I installed WinToUSB for the purpose of being able to use windows on other macs without bootcamp. The process was smooth, I put windows 10 on a partition of a large external hard drive that I had, and when I restarted it and opened up that copy of windows on my mac, everything worked pretty well. I installed the driver for the network adapter, and I could access google, etc.

However, when I plugged in the hard drive to another mac, I was unable to connect to the wifi. This mac is about as old as mine, so I thought I should see no difference, yet when I look under the devices for the network adapter, it tells me that it is unable to start, and so I can't access the internet on windows for that laptop. I tried a bunch of things, like un/reinstalling the driver, but nothing seems to work and google is quite sparse with information on this. If anyone has any answers, that would be great!

The first laptop, mine, is a mid-2014 macbook pro with bootcamp, which is what I used to get Windows on my hard drive
the second laptop is an early-2015 macbook pro, which is very similar, hence my confusion as to why it's not working.

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