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Windows to go from a virtual machine
Dear forum,
i read a lot here and on the hasleo page but did not get the info i searched for.

I have in Virtualbox from Oracle a Win 10 running. From this virtual machine i would like to make a Windows to go USB stick.

From the process to do i understood that i would have to install Hasleo WinToUSB in the running machine.
Then the script would create a winpe image to capture the enviroment info of my laptop.

And here i have my question. Or chain of question.

I need to pas local USB into running virtual machine to see them -> is this recognized after shutdown from the winpe image

How does the winpe know how to convert the right vdi disk and that the USB is back on the laptop port connected and not anymore in Virtualbox

thanks in advance for an answer


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Windows to go from a virtual machine - by Schladi - 12-23-2017, 10:20 PM

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