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External USB Install Question
(12-29-2017, 05:05 AM)sig8 Wrote: Does the external USB drive have to be completely empty and formatted in order to install Windows 10 on it?

I have a 4TB external USB drive with lot of music files on it. I intend to create a small partition on this drive and install Win 10 on that. Let me know how to do that. I can clone or use an iso for install. Thanks.

A 4T disk typically use the GPT partitioning scheme, and the GPT disk can only boot UEFI-based computers, so please make sure your computer is a UEFI-based computer. When a UEFI-based computer is powered up, the UEFI firmware will launche the UEFI bootloader from the EFI system partition (ESP), the ESP must be a FAT32 partition, so you have to create a ESP on the GPT disk. WinToUSB does not require completely empty disk, but the partition layout on the disk must meet the requirements. Please refer to step 2 of the user's Guide for more information:

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