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Can WintoUsb be Used Like Easy2Boot
I have a Sandisk Extreme Pro 120gb Usb Flash Drive.
On this I have Installed Easy2Boot.
in One Folder I have Several Windows ISO's.
This Works Well.
So my question is , can WintoUsb be set up in a similar fashion.
For the purpose of not only using it as a Portable Fully Functional Windows O/S But Also to Install an O/S on an Internal HDD.
I Tested it But it wouldn't work.
What I did was, Extracted the Windows 10 ISO to a Folder then Executed Setup.exe.
It Started to work, then gave this Notice ( Windows cannot be installed on a usb drive ) or words to that effect.
It did not give the option to select which drive to install on.
Now I emailed wintousb tech support with the same question and they told me it couldn't be done.
But I can't see Why Not.
Does anyone know of any Hacks that might get this to work.
I would like to hear from anyone that has experimented with this procedure.

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Can WintoUsb be Used Like Easy2Boot - sparks79 - 01-28-2018, 04:47 AM

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