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error 0x0079000200F90000 cloning Windows 10
(05-06-2018, 11:16 PM)Guna Wrote: Hi there,

After all of cloning process, that took a lot of time, the process failed with an error 0x0079000200F90000 message (see attatchment). I was trying to clone a 1TB hdd with 482GB used to another 1 TB hdd, with 1GB Fat32 system partition and the remaining as boot partition NTFS.

Thanks for any help

Please check to see if the source boot partition (Usually CSmile has been encrypted with BitLocker? WinToUSB doesn't support cloning BitLocker encrypted Windows. In such case, please remove bitlocker encryption from the boot partition and try again.If the source boot partition is not encrypted using BitLocker, please run chkdsk to scan the boot partition and see if it have file system errors. If Yes, fix it and try again.

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