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Recommended and minimum 4k speed for an USB Windows to Go
Hi! This is my first post and I made my due diligence searching the forums but I couldn't find anything related so I'd like to ask for your wisdom.

There's a post made as a resource posted from roughly a year ago ( ) talking about how 4k sector read/write speeds are quite important when choosing a USB memory stick to be used as a Windows to Go installation. But there's no mention as to what would be considered a good speed (going outside the certified devices route here...).

For example, I found one that had a decent sequential performance (in the 200 MB/s range) but its 4k speeds were barely 0.1-0.2 MB/s.

So my question is what would be good enough and what would be preferable or desirable?

I could always go the SSD way, but if possible and with a constraint budget I'd rather have a small footprint device I could carry with me all day.

Thanks anyway for your time and for reading me.

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Recommended and minimum 4k speed for an USB Windows to Go - by KaoDome - 06-28-2018, 07:40 AM

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