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Dual booting VHD with Win7 - winload.exe error
I figured out one solution:

I made a new Primary boot partition, in front of C:/, on the SSD and copied my Windows 7 C:\Boot folder to it then set it as Active. I made sure the partition was formatted to boot with bootmgr using BootICE. (This can be done with EasyBCD as well or in command line. I find BootICE easiest.) I edited my BCD (using BootICE) to boot the appropriate partitions and the VHD booted right up. Win7 on C boots fine too.

I guess Windows doesn't like it when there are other bootable partitions on the same drive. You have to boot Window from a separate partition if you want to multiboot from the same disk.

Strange that my 3rd disk will boot fine without a separate boot partition even though I have Windows, and the Win to go VHD on that disk. Oh, well. I found a workaround for the SSD.

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RE: Dual booting VHD with Win7 - winload.exe error - by gggirlgeek - 07-19-2018, 11:57 AM

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