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The latest one is unable to make Multi-Installation USB on Windows-10 64bit system.

It always fails after reaching till 95% with a very common error code and status (which unfortunately elaborates NOTHING): Failed to run system API.

Worth to be mentioned, the Firewall/Antivirus/Administration Privilege all have been enabled/disabled/tested gradually, but the result remained the same as it is. Same case with different Device/Computers but with same Windows-10.

But with Windows-8/8.1 the situation is totally different. Everything works fine with no issue at all. Same system I've re-installed Windows-8.1 Enterprise replacing of Windows-10 Enterprise, and it worked like charm!!!

Please fix it guys, no log to be attached for this, as it seems to be a very common issues from very beginning. And please make some changes in your error logs, which just prompts but explains nothing!

Another issue was found while making Multi-Installation USB HDD. It never shows that Format Checkbox, due to that the NTFS Drive just gets the data copied but doesn't get linked with UEFI Partition. Same had been tested with both Windows-8.1 & Windows-10 as well.

Again, no Log file is required to upload to describe these kinda issues, as these seems to be very common bugs which could be fixed easily enough.


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