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Lost OneDrive files using WinToUSB Clone disks? - A SOLUTION!
(08-21-2019, 12:50 PM)MJFlash Wrote:
(08-21-2019, 11:59 AM)admin Wrote: Our tests show that this issue has something to do with the Security Identifier (SID). OneDrive seems to use SID to identify a computer, and if the SIDs are the same, it is thought to be operating on the same computer. The Windows cloned with WinToUSB is an exact copy of the original operating system, so the SID is exactly the same whether you start Windows from the BOOTCAMP partition or the USB drive. Our current recommended solution is to create different users to sign in to Windows on different devices.

Very interesting. I've been using RegEdit  to tackle the machine ID challenge, but thus far, it hasn't had any impact. Even when Settings/About's Device ID, and OneDrive's registry settings change, OneDrive behaves the same.

From your post, the challenge will be: how can I change the Security Identifier?  Is it in the registry (it's not at HK/Local/SAM), or something which is just computed on-the-fly?

As far as using different accounts goes, that's unfortunately not a preferred solution. I need file access across these different accounts (although I do recognize that I could set up file sharing between the different accounts, if all else fails). I'll keep trying (wmic useraccount get sid,name is sure interesting).

I sincerely appreciate your efforts!

Sysprep.exe can be used to change the user's SID, but our test results show that sysprep may cause Windows To Go USB drives to fail to start. Sysprep.exe may only be available for Widnows installations on internal hard disks, we're still trying it.

Our suggestion is to create a temporary account B, use B to log in to windows, delete the original account A, then create a account C with the same user name as the original account A, and finally use account C to log in to windows and delete temporary account B. This way you have an account C with the same name as the original account A and the SID of the account has changed.

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