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Excruciating disc speed - win10 ent - usb 3.1 - NVME
Trying to get win10 Enterprise running on a USB>NVME adapter. Copy to disc is about 3-4 minutes. R/W speeds under linux or native win are absurd. 4k R/W around 70-100/200-250MB/s.
Fire it over wintousb though, and it takes 30 minutes to boot on a high end machine. Meanwhile, If I just install Win7 to a USB (not using WintoUSB), first boot is about 10 seconds and the system is screamin'.

Once the Win10ent is booted (wintousb) I couldn't even bother to try getting anything installed to benchmark. Network is stupid fast, anything copying into RAM is fine. Disc IO however is pegged at 100% with a few KB/s. Just as a test, I did a PXE boot that ultimately lands over rs232 just for fun. Was still faster.

Did a quick RW test against the disc from Linux, and it's got no problem moving the data I expect.

What's going on here? I'm about to try a win7 via WintoUSB as well (just writing now).

Ah, P.S. Also tried on a decently fast USBFlash key. Same horrific speed. Even after it's gone through the first boot, subsequent boots are 15-20 minutes. This key gets around 150MBps, with around 50/150 4k rw. Essentially all the way to potato though with WintoUSB

Ah crap. P.P.S. I'm running WintoUSB in a win10 ent VM under linux. I suppose.... it's possible you guys are doing something funky with the disc because of this?

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Excruciating disc speed - win10 ent - usb 3.1 - NVME - by blistovmhz - 12-13-2019, 11:32 AM

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