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WinToUSB License Question
(07-18-2020, 01:35 AM)mconwell Wrote: The professional license indicates that I can register WinToUSB on 2 computers.  

I will be using 1 license on a VM to install Windows on a USB drive.  I'm concerned that if that VM is destroyed or somehow lost, is that license forever gone?  

Or is the license saying that I can only create 2 USB Windows installations?



The professional license allows you to activate the software on two computers, you can activate the software unlimited times on these two computers, but you may not transfer the license from one computer to another if the software is already installed and registered on one computer. This means that even if you have uninstalled the software from original registered computers, you still can't activate it on another computer. Both physical and virtual machines are independent computers, different virtual machines have different hardware configurations, so the software will recognize them as different computers, so running the software on different VMs will take up activation, and there is currently no way to prevent it. As stated above, you should install the software on a physical computer, if you want to install it on a virtual machine, you should make sure that the virtual machine will not be deleted.

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