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WinToUSB not recognizing USB drive?
(01-05-2015, 10:18 PM)admin Wrote: “Physical To USB” can only clone current windows OS to USB hard disk but not USB flash drisk. Clone to USB flash drive may come true in next version.

Actually, I ran into this today too.   And I was using first a 750GB HD in USB3 box and then a 1 TB drive in that box.  Strange.  It recognized the drive right away and let me create the Wintogo disc' it just wouldn't do a physical copy.  Both the physical copy and the disc were Windows 8.1 professional.  Both drives were blank and formatted to NTFS.  Just for laughs I also tried creating a 500mb fat32 system partition and leaving the rest as NTFS for a boot partition, but it made no difference.  I couldn't make a physical copy, so I did a fresh install without a problem.  All done, so not a current problem, but it was strange.

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