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No Internal Drives listed when booing from WindowsPE
(11-08-2021, 12:33 AM)graeme_moody Wrote: I have created a WindowsPE USB installation but when booting the PC I wish to recover the deleted files form the only drive that is listed is the USB that I am booting from.
What steps do I need to take to get the internal drives to be listed?
Thank you.

Sorry for the late reply. In fact, WinPE is a reduced version of the Windows system, it may not have built-in hardware drivers for your computer. If you have the hardware drivers provided by the motherboard manufacturer, you can install the drivers in the following way under WinPE, but this method can only install the inf-based driver.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=261]

We recommend that you use Hasleo WinToUSB to install a full-featured Windows to a USB drive as a portable Windows, start Windows from this USB and install Hasleo Date Recovry to recover data.


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