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Random BSOD and rebooting when shutting down PC
(02-24-2015, 07:28 AM)masterfu678 Wrote: So I recently upgraded to v2.1 beta and installed Win10 build 9926.

this isn't really a major problem, but still is a bother. when I leave my computer alone with no actions being done, I can hear the sound windows make when you are connecting a hardware (such as USB flash drive, mouse etc), followed by the sound of disconnecting, after a few repeats, my computer goes to the sad faced BSOD with the message INACCESSBLE BOOT DEVICE. this only happens when I leave my computer alone, and by chance, sometimes nothing will happen.

another thing that I found is that after I turned my computer off(shut down command from start menu), my external hard drive boots up my computer again without me pressing the power button on my computer. of course, this would be solved with me cutting off the power supply to my PC. If that didn't solve it, then my computer would probably be possessed by a cyber demon, lol, just kidding. But this is a very strange bug.

here is my external drive's brand and my laptop model so you can get the same kind of external drive to replicate these bugs, or even get the same laptop

Toshiba Satelite P755
Toshiba Canvio Basics 3.0 2TB

It is a plug in and play drive, no ac adapters required, with USB 3.0, perfect drive for WintoUSB, at least to me.

Does there exist the same problem after installing Windows 8/8.1 to this drive? Please help me to do a test, thanks.
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