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Win2USB fails to continue after reboot
I have the same problem, seems to boot up when it feels like it lol, some problem with the booter. Im using Zalman ZM-VE300 and installed win 8.1 with Win2USB, switched then to another computer and set the bios to load from the USB and it booted up and started installing the windows but when it restarted it failed to boot the USB and skipped it w/o error and whent to the internal hdd. I removed the internal hdd and restarted and it failed to boot up on the usb but gave me option to press F1 to retry so I did and it booted up on USB and kept installing the windows. I finished installing the windows 8.1 on the ZalmanUSB, restarted and it booted up fine. Then I turned off the computer and connected the internal hdd, turned it on (with bios still to load from USB) and it skipped the USB (seem to have failed but wo error) and started to boot from the internal hdd, I sayd f that and turned the computer off and on again and it booted up on the USB!! FINALLY!. Now installing some programs and updates and restarting between and like I sayd in the start.. It sometimes boot and sometimes not.  I dont know if its this old Dell Inspiron 1520 thats making the prob or not, I think there is something buggy in the USB boot PE tough.
I will try see whats wrong

Was going to attach the log but not allowed Huh

Tested now several times, problem only happens when Restarting, if I turn off compleatly and power back it boots up USB perfectly!

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RE: Win2USB fails to continue after reboot - by Nightwalker - 05-03-2015, 11:34 AM

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