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Startup error 0xc000000e after wipe and restore
(02-19-2023, 01:16 AM)rpaz Wrote: Hi,

(02-18-2023, 01:03 PM)admin Wrote: Was the restored image file generated under Windows? This should not happen if the image file is a system backup image.

Not in my case, I use the WinPE Rescue disk to Backup/Restore, used the option Disk/Partition Backup and selected everything on the source drive.

The SSD only have the C: drive and the other system partitions that Windows 10 creates for the UEFI layout. The disk is in GPT mode.

Yes, backing up the disk where the Windows operating system is located in a rescue disk and then restoring it will cause this issue, and we will improve it in future releases. We recommend using System Backup to back up the Windows operating system.

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