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Windows 7.0 boot from USB 3.0 port workaround?
(06-01-2015, 08:51 PM)admin Wrote:
(06-01-2015, 01:37 PM)Mike58501 Wrote: Could the following be a workaround for the Windows USB 3.0 port booting limitation for a cloned copy of Windows 7?  I am probably overlooking some technicality when it comes to mounting etc. when it comes to using WinToUSB Clone process.


I don't think so. If you want to use USB 3.0 drive, the best choice is Windows 8/8.1/10.

Just to clarify ... since I need to boot Windows 7 from the USB 3.0 ... I am assuming that it can be booted by the cloned by WinToUSB creation ... but the slight(???) inconvenience would be at 2.0 boot speed rather than the 3.0 speed.  I just bought two Sandisk Extreme 64 gigabit thumb drives.

Doesn't this mean ...  since the Windows 7 USB 3.0 driver should then work when completely booted ... performance will then be at the 3.0 level?  Of course the hardware of the specific laptop would need to match what the original cloned from drive was made for.  Since this would not be an ISO image ... it seems like some programs could be added taken out (testing) without starting over like needing to make a new ISO for every change.  The laptop's main hard drive is more likely to be kept in pristine condition & it seems that the thumb drive could just be loaded from a reliable backup image if the USB 3.0 test environment finally caused problems.

I have a HP Elite 8540p laptop with built-in both 3.0 ports & 2.0 ports. My Windows 7 drivers for both the USB 3.0 Root & Controller are NEC "sys" files.  I wonder if the likely worse case scenario would be that I would have to do my testing with just using a USB port slightly slower (???) running Windows 7 - 32 bit itself purposes ... continuously from a 2.0 port.   In that scenario I would lose the high transfer speed of 3.0 but for that situation need ... I could boot from the original non usb sata hard drive like I am now with the 3.0 port working fine using the faster transfer speeds.  Licensing & activation will not a problem since the Clone should be close enough to the same as the original with the original hardware etc.

I appreciate your suggestion that 8.1 would be the better solution ... but am just wondering even if I was forced with the Sandisk Extreme to use the 2.0 port for just small file & program execution ... with the limited testing once booted ... would that make it way too slow???  Instructions seem to say that files generated from programs can't be saved to the original root drive or even see it ... but can files be saved & shared to another 3.0 USB Sandisk Extreme on the now functioning 3.0 port in Windows 7 or would your clone have to always save to Cloud Storage for future access???  

Thanks again ... if you or someone else can answer before I get into the setup process too deep on this end.

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