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BIOS Boot information?
To avoid having to press a function key, to direct the boot to my USB device, I need to know what folder/file to point the boot process to in BIOS setup. 

I added a boot option, pointing it to the USB device. 

BIOS then asks me to select the media file, listing the folders and files it can see at that location.
I have not yet selected a folder as the target, so I am not sure doing so will not result in another selection to make from the contents of the (yet-to-be) selected folder. 

The list of options are: (See attachment)
<System Volume Information> (Folder)
<Boot> (Folder)
<EFI> (Folder)
<$RECYCLE.BIN> (understood as not a valid option)
bootmgr (File)
D519D51B______fill in the blank with tons of characters______.exc (File)

I greatly appreciate any assistance!

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