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Backup Task DELETION
When deleting a backup task, an offer is made to delete the backup files as well.  When I check this option, and the target disk where the backup chain lives is not on-line (an off-line EXTERNAL USB), the process continues without mention of the fact that the backup chain files themselves were never deleted during this task deletion process (and don't get deleted later when the target device is brought back on-line).

This occurs in the latest release (don't know about earlier releases)... v3.4.1 Build#20230313.
The current logic is to assume that the task folder has been deleted if it does not exist. Is it necessary to prompt an error?
Not necessarily an error... but at least a note of such.  Otherwise, the user will not know that the backup chain in question will remain in a folder forever that the user may not reuse.  Those backup chains can be pretty large depending on usage scenario.

At least with a note the user can  be prompted to do the chain deletion manually...

The other option is to offer the definition delete without the backup chain deletion option and describe in your documentation that a manual delete is required for the chain if the user wishes.  This way the pop-up when deleting will always be the same.

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