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Problem creating Grandfather, Father, Son backups
(06-29-2023, 11:17 PM)Froggie Wrote: @RobLatour, I have successfully created a somewhat GFS image chain using the CLI (Command Line Interface) of v3.5 in Powershell, running under the Windows Scheduler.  Some basics are in the following POST, if interested.

Thanks @Froggie

I end-up up putting my own work around in until, hopefully sometime in the future, Hasleo is able to provide for a more elegant solution.

In short, I have created a daily incremental backup in Hasleo which stores the results in a folder called "Q:\Backups\W11 Server\Incremental backup week 0".

Also, I created this windows .bat file:

cd "Q:\Backups\W11 Server\"
rd /S /Q "Incremental backup week -3"
ren "Incremental backup week -2"  "Incremental backup week -3" 
ren "Incremental backup week -1"  "Incremental backup week -2"
ren "Incremental backup week 0"  "Incremental backup week -1"
md  "Incremental backup week 0"

The above .bat file runs weekly via task scheduler, a few minutes before the daily Hasleo backup process runs.

The results are that daily my current backup files get stored in a the folder "Q:\Backups\W11 Server\Incremental backup week 0"

and weekly the files get effectively moved to an incremental backup weekly directory for the prior set of weeks up to 3 prior weeks.

Also, backups over 3 prior weeks are deleted.

Then a few minutes after the above .bat file runs, the daily Hasleo incremental backup process runs.

Also, of note, the first day of the week that the incremental backup process runs the "Incremental backup week 0" directory is empty.  

As such, what Haselo does is create a full backup for that day.

After that, thru the week, what I get is the incremental backups.

So generally, after these routines have run. I have three directories from prior weeks each with one full backup and six incremental backups; as well as the current week's full backup and incremental backups to the current day.

Its not exactly GFS; but functions as a work around that I can live with for now.

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