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Problem creating Grandfather, Father, Son backups
(10-04-2023, 02:04 AM)RobLatour Wrote: Just an update:
The full and the first two incremental backups were created just fine, now just waiting for Sunday to see a differential backup created.

A couple points of feedback on the beta (may apply to the current version too):

1. in the backup rule I had Task name as System Backup, Description as System Backup, and Destination as \\\home\W11 Server\System Backup
However the backup files were place in the folder
\\\home\W11 Server\System Backup\System Backup\
when I had expected them to be placed in the folder
\\\home\W11 Server\System Backup\

Not much of a problem, but for those where path length may be an issue, this is something that you might want to look at

2. When you edit the backup rule it seems you can change everything but the Destination, it would nice to be able to change the destination.  Also, if the destination is changed for the program to copy any old files in the old destination to the new destination - or at least prompt the user to see if they want that done.

Thanks for the great program!

Hasleo Backup Suite will create the backup folder using the task name, so you only need to specify \\\home\W11 Server\ as the destination path when creating the backup task. Regarding the issue of not allowing change the destination path, we will improve it in future releases.

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