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Problem creating Grandfather, Father, Son backups
You shouldn't be running any BETA any longer... update to the public release v4.  I have no issues with it, and I purposely listed by operations with the INC 1st, the DIFF 2nd and the FULL last.  No problems for me.. Check your scheduled FULL and see if the image type is really set to FULL. I found out if you set the image type when you enter the scheduling window, then select the type of schedule you want, that setting doesn't stick. It only sticks when you set it in the actual schedule window.

I'm running your schedule set (INC first then FULL second at 5pm EST), I'll stop back after it runs.

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RE: Problem creating Grandfather, Father, Son backups - by Froggie - 12-04-2023, 07:41 AM

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