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Confused by incremental/differential options
I'd like to schedule a full backup to be done once a week (say on Monday) and incremental backups all other days. I didn't have any problem setting up the full backup, but I'm having a problem with the incrementals. I defined a new backup job with Incremental being the default backup method. HOWEVER, when that job ran it generated a FULL backup! I suspect the problem is that this second backup job did not see the original, full backup. Do I need to change the Task name for the incremental backup job to be the same as that used for the full backup? (Perhaps there is some detailed documentation on how to set up a backup schedule similar to the one that I've outlined above?)

One other point: Is there an option to suspend the system after a backup has completed? That option is available in Macrium Reflect, and I find it very useful...

Define only 1-job as an Incremental (don't generate a single FULL first).  Whenever that job runs and there is no reference FULL, it will generate one.  Any image after that in the chain will be an Incremental.

The two "tasks" you started with are completely independent of each other... that's why a FULL when you started the 2nd task.  You only need one task...

Your last point should be placed in the "Feature Requests" thread...
Your suggestion seems to confirm the results that I noted. However, is there some way to automatically generate a FULL backup on a weekly basis and INCREMENTALS (based on the last FULL backup) on a daily basis? Thanks again, Wayne
Definitely not within the same Hasleo task/backup chain.  Within any task/chain, you can start with the needed FULL and then add a FULL/DIFF/INC (one type only) at whatever scheduled periodic interval you wish (almost).  Any mix of imaging types within a chain, other than the initial FULL plus your selected follow-on image type is considered a GFS scheduled approach and is not currently supported in any automatic way.  If you use a defined task and manually add FULL/DIFF/INC to that task's chain... it works just fine, so the chain relationships are already in place (DIFFs relying on most recent FULL, INCs relying on most recent INC/DIFF/FULL)... it's just a matter of scheduling and retention issues that need enhancement.

The Devs seem to have plans to "enhance" their future scheduled retention capability... but not at this time, it seems.
I have a request in for a CLI (Command Line Interface) addition to this suite... it might become available sooner than waiting for scheduling/retention GUI changes in their development roadmap.  If they initially implement CLI capability as far as major functions are concerned (backup/<type>, etc.), one can use some simple Powershell scripting and implement the types of scheduling/retention changes needed in the interim.

We'll see what they do...
The version below provides a simple command line interface (BackupCmdUI.exe) that you can use to perform backup tasks, please run "BackupCmdUI.exe /?" for help.
GFS (Grandfather, Father, Son) is now possible, please refer to the POST.

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