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A question about a Virtual Hard Disk Size in WintoUSB
I'm going to make Win11 Pro WTG on an Axe Memory flash drive of 500 GB.
I see an option in WintoUSB like "Virtual Hard Disk Size". Do I need to modify the number which showed up in there or am I supposed to leave this as it is?
Another question. Maybe stupid one, maybe not. 500 GB is a big-capacity flash drive. So I wonder how WintoUSB is going to treat this external device. Therefore should I choose VHDX or maybe legacy installation mode?

Edit: Okay now. Disregard the second question guys. I can put an ISO file thru WintoUSB two times after all. In case when something wrong would have been with WTG then I'll choose another installation mode making WTG again. There's no big deal.
You can change the size of the virtual disk according to your needs, for example if you need to store other files on the USB drive, then you can reduce the size of the virtual disk.

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