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Windows 10 Upgrade
While I have this forum in my Feedly, apparently that doesn't list Replies? Hence the long delay getting back here.

Anyway, I have 2 USB installations of W8.1. One is a minimal WinToUSB installation, the other a Clone of the original/internal disk that was taught to boot from USB. Both could be argued "legitimate" copies of Windows as they run on the original hardware, only one at a time obviously, have been authorized using the original Product Code, and received the same Windows updates. However neither USB installation shows the Update to W10 Icon.

The WinToUSB installation supposedly will boot on other hardware (and perhaps the clone?), after creating a separate machine driver base, but this portable Windows installation concept is not my goal.

But I suppose I can understand Microsoft's view of not including a USB installation. They probably consider a clone as pirated copy! Though, restoring an internal disk from a previous disk image is hardly different. The clone is just a disk image on a different disk (with the different Disk Signature encoding corrected)!

I was hoping someone had a clue as to how to get a USB installation to follow the Upgrade path? Rather than me having to re-create the clone from scratch after the original updates to W10?


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